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U.S. Citizens -- Register Your Trip With The Government! Mexico Article
"Register Your Trip"
Friday, January 15, 2010

The tragedy in Haiti is a stark reminder that bad things can happen to us anywhere, and it's a good idea to always take precautions. One thing that you can do when traveling that can make a difference in the case of an emergency, is to register your trip with the government of your country. You can usually do this online by simply filling out a secure online form with your travel plans and contact information while abroad, and contact information for your family or friends back home. You should also leave an itinerary, including local contact information and expected time and date of return, with a friend or family member.

By registering your trip, you help the embassy or consulate locate you when you might need them the most. Registration is voluntary and costs nothing, but it should be a big part of your travel planning and security.
-from the US Department of State.

Whether you're a U.S. citizen, Canadian, or the citizen of another country, find out how to register your trip.

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Uxmal can be visited in a single day trip. It’s only Located 200 miles from Cancún. It has an impressive Pyramid of the Magician, surrounded by greens, represents one of the high points of Mayan Puuc architecture. Built during the Late Classical period of the 7th through 9th centuries, Uxmal is may be the most elegant of all ancient Mayan sites.

Uxmal is aligned to the positions of the sun. At 125 feet high, the Magician is worth climbing. It boasts one of the steepest staircases in Mesoamerica. During your climb, take a well-deserved stop past the half-way point and check out a small vaulted room with two columns. This structure has already been rebuilt five times.

Are you afraid of heights? You may explore many of the other structures in Uxmal, the Nunnery Quadrangle, which is considered by many to be one of the site’s finest structures. The magnificent House of the Governor faces east, possibly to allow the observation of the planet Venus. The Quadrangle of the Birds is comprised of a number of chambers and was named for its bird decorations.

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Mexican Guacamole

One thing I most look forward to when I go to Mexico is my daily guacamole!!! (This is my own picture (La Buena Vida, Akumal) that I keep with me on my phone just so I can look at it and dream about having some!)

Check out this fabulous link that has step-by-step instructions (with pictures!) of how to make your own Mexican Guacamole!


"Cobá is a quiet, serene place, with a few tourists, it’s popular for serious bird watching. You can rent a bicycle or a guide who will also have transportation. You may walk but it’s quite far. Getting lost here is very possible, as sites and paths are not always clearly marked. If you decide to go on your own, it’s safe, simply resist the temptation to wander off into the jungle. Be sure to bring mosquito repellent, sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots, and plenty of water to drink. As Cobá is located inland from the ocean, it’s hotter and more humid, so visit as early in the day as you can.

Cobá is divided in several areas called groups, including the Cobá Group, which is home to the 79-foot temple. It would be nice to get here early enough to have the temple all to yourself. This group also includes a restored ball court, where the Maya played a sacred ball game. The Chumuc Mul Group is only partially excavated. Nochob Mul Group is fully excavated and includes the tallest pyramid in Cobá. After climbing 120 steps, you will enjoy the well-preserved temple on top and the breathtaking views."

Banyon Tree Mayakoba

I'm not sure you should go on a beach vacation if you don't like sand between your toes!

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Cool Blog

Here's some pictures from this great travel blog entry about Akumal!

Best Mayan Riviera Beaches Article

Akumal features some of the most stunning beaches on Earth. Offshore reefs protect the silky white sand and filter warm water currents through the coastal caves and subterranean rivers.

In the Maya language, Akumal means "place of the turtles." This natural refuge is still a popular place for sea turtles to lay their eggs; see them between the months of May and November on Half Moon Bay beach.

The protected reef is a favorite snorkeling and dive site. The Akumal Dive Shop has all the gear you'll need and is easily accessible from the main road entering Akumal.

While enjoying Akumal's natural beauty, consider staying at the eco-friendly Vista del Mar. Their green policies are kicked up a notch during the turtles' nesting season. Lights are removed from all the balconies and the security guards are all environmentally certified to assist turtles nesting on Vista del Mar's stretch of beach.

Tulum is the only archaeological site located along the Caribbean shores in the Mayan Riviera. Over 60 structures can be viewed within the massive walls that protect the ancient pre-Columbian Mayan city from the sea. The principal structures of the ruins include the city square, the Temple of the Descending God and Temple of the God of the Wind. Within the city square is the Castillo, sometimes referred to as the lighthouse, standing alone on the city's bluff offering stunning views and a sense of historical awe.

There is a small beach beside the Temple of the Descending God where you can swim and sunbathe beneath this ancient city; the same beach where Mayan trade ships would have docked at Tulum centuries ago.

During your stay here, make sure to take the 45-minute night tour of the Tulum's archaeological sites. You'll be guided along lighted paths through the ancient city where the temples and monuments are lit in an array of colors. Enhance your experience by opting for the audio component of the tour.

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Royal Haciendas

Playa del Carmen, Mexico
2BR/2 BA
Sleeps 6

April 10-16, 2010


April 16-23, 2010

Email me at

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Cancun Day 2

A VERY windy day in Cancun!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cancun Day 1

From "freezing" to "chilly" - we are here.

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Royal Sands, Cancun - Webcam--END OF THE DAY

It can't be THAT cold there, right? Look at all the people in the pool!

Royal Sands, Cancun - Webcam

I'm hoping the wi-fi is good so that I can post a lot of pictures. But if not, try and spot me on the webcam. ;)

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Mexico Packing List!

Mayan Riviera Gringa’s
*$1 Bills! (30-50) Great for tipping and small transactions (so you don’t get change in Pesos.) If you are from the U.S. - DO NOT exchange money! They take U.S. Dollars everywhere in Mexico.
*Air Fresheners (Febreeze, Candle, or Plug-In for musty-smelling rooms.)
*Aloe Gel
*Bandana To secure hair; cover frizzy hair or a bald head; cool/wipe off.
*Beach Bag/Backpack (A separate bag than your travel/carry-on bag as this one will get sandy, smelly, dirty. Should be washable (for when you get home).)
*Binoculars (For bird watching to people watching.)
*Bug Spray (Also consider some sort of “Afterbite”/anti-itch cream/spray.)
*Clothes Pins (Hang laundry; close curtains.)
*Coin Purse Small; lightweight. (So you can leave your wallet in the safe and just take what you need.)
*Crystal Light Packets I.e.: “On The Go” single-serve packets.
*Deck of Cards
*Dryer Sheets (Put a couple in your suitcase with your clothes…helps keep them smelling fresh while traveling and after you get there you can put them in the drawers with your clothes to help keep the musty smell away.)
*Ear Plugs
*Fast-Dry Shirt For snorkeling/water activities. I.e.: mesh t-shirt/running shirt.
*Favorite Chocolates I.e.: Hershey Kisses, Peppermint Patties, M&M’s. (Pack in a Ziplock and put in your carry-on so they don’t melt!)
*Flashlight (Small) Beach walking at night and/or power outages.
*Garbage Bag For dirty clothes.
*Gatorade/Propel Packets Single-serve packets. (Dehydration creeps up fast in Mexico, so use at least one/day (add to a bottle of water).)
*Hat, Cap or Visor (Consider two kinds: 1 beach/shade hat (cowboy hat) and 1 exercise/kayaking type hat (visor).)
*Hotel Confirmation/Airport Transfers (Make sure you have a hard copy of this information…especially transfer info as most companies require seeing a hard copy.)
*Inflatable Travel Pillow Great for on the loungers!!!
*Insulated Mug for Drinks (I.e.: Bubba Keg)
*iPod & Earphones
*Jacket (Lightweight) or Sweatshirt For the airplane AND in case of a cool night in Mexico!
*Lip Balm WITH SPF!!!
*L/S Shirt (Lightweight) (I.e.: Fishing shirt or other fast-dry, lightweight fabric. Protects sunburned arms without making you too hot/sweaty.)
*Magnet for Fridge Tips, notes, etc.
*Match Book For candles, bathroom etiquette, etc.
-Tums/Pepto-Bismol/Anti-acid Relief
-Tylenol/Pain Reliever
-Tylenol PM (or other sleeping aid)
-Anti-Diarrhea Medicine
-Neosporin/Anti-Bacteria Ointment
-Allergy Pills
-Personal daily medicine(s)/Prescriptions
*Pant Hanger (Cheap plastic clip kind – to hang clothes/swimsuits to dry outside and they won’t blow away! Note: clip the tag on your swimsuit so it doesn’t snag/leave marks!)
*Plastic Float Pool, ocean, or to lie on at the beach. You can find them cheap at a dollar store.
*Post-It Notes (To communicate w/ housekeeping/maids.)
*Sharpie Pen
*Socks – Cotton (1 Pair)
*Snorkel Gear (If resort doesn’t have any and/or you want to use your own.)
*Sunglasses Two - in case you lose one.
*Sunscreen (30, 15, 8 SPF) (My best advice is this: Before you put your swimsuit on in the morning, slather your entire body with sunscreen. Then put your swimsuit on and reapply sunscreen often!)
*Surge Protector Power Cord To charge multiple things at once and protect from power surges.
*Umbrella - Small (July – Oct) Rainy months.
*Walkie Talkies (To communicate w/ roommate/friends while at different places at resort. Note: I personally have only used this once…it’s a great idea if you have children/teenagers in your group. Saves on texting/cell phone usage costs.)
*Water Shoes!! Hard-bottomed.
*Water Socks (If you would like to wear with snorkel fins.)
*Waterproof Camera (Fuji better than Kodak.)
*Waterproof Watch
*Wet Ones (Small purse-size pouch/bag.)
*Woolite (For rinsing swimsuits.)
*Ziplock/Plastic Bags (Various Sizes)
-Gallon Size: Wet suits, lotions, things for beach (iPod, Chapstick, etc.)
-Quart Size: Flights (Carry-on liquids)
-Sandwich Size: Good to use to pack food for the beach or for a day away from resort.
*DO NOT BRING Beach Towels MOST resorts, hotels, villas, condos, etc. provide beach towels. Check with your accommodations to be sure.
**Note: If you are going in a group you do not each have to bring all of this stuff. I would suggest communicating w/ each other and dividing up some things to be used/shared among you.

Cancun Current Weather

Here's the weather in Playa and Cancun today. Darnit! But, oh well! It's STILL better than 22 and FREEZING, right?! Two days from now and I'll be posting pics that I take myself!